Dj Olive's records, Bergamo, Italy '06

As well as making dance music and sleeping pills, Dj Olive produces vinyl scores for the turntable. They are pallettes of sound or compositional components made in Olive's studio and pressed on 12" vinyl. These scores are then interpreted by anyone with a few turntabls and a mixer. Improvising, you can paint with sound. What you mix and what I mix will always be different but the sounds are the same.

A few past scores:

Composition 11
Copier Coller
Perpetual Sound Check
"d'exploitation des concepts" with Luc Ferrari

Ixelles '03 a vinyl score for six turntables by Dj Olive

if you've made a mix of any of Olive's vinyl scores
feel free to send them to Him.
please send your mix to:

dj olive/ gregor asch
407 Kokanee Ave.,
Nelson B.C. V1L-3N7


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