Perpetual Sound Check, '00 vinyl score by Dj Olive


Dj Olive's vinyl score "Perpetual Sound Check" premiered with six interpretations by different dj's in Brussels, '00.

here are the liner notes:

side A

PLace three copies of this "vinyl score" on three turntables.
Stir while simmering, but mix cautiously while blending.
Add fx if desired.
Pinch of crab.
Juggle vigourously and scratch until caramelized.
Occasionally wash out if desired.
Mix approximately 11 minutes.
Place vinyl back in shower cap to avoid spoiling.

Please send yur mix to:
dj olive
skintone riddles
1205 Manhattan Ave., 1-3-11
Brooklyn, NY 11222

side B

Perpetual Sound Check.
a vinyls score for three turntables.
written and produced by dj olive the audio janitor(c)&(p) gregor asch 2000


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