Dj Olive's "Triage" Installation at the 2008 Whitney Biennial

Dj Olive's "Triage" Installation at the 2008 Whitney Biennial

  TRIAGE 2008
TRIAGE is 3rd in Dj Olive's "sleeping pill" series and is the soundtrack for his 2008
Whitney Biennial Installation of the same name

  BUOY 2004
"BUOY" A 60-min voyage of beat-less warmth Olive calls a "sleeping pill."

  SLEEP 2001
in 2006 Olive released his first sleeping pill "SLEEP"
made in september 2001 for friends who couldnt sleep.

liner notes from Triage:

this is a sleeping pill. please listen quietly.

david watson pagpipes
vija brazus percussion guitar vocals
karl francke harmonica vocals moog arp
dj reaganomics turntables
christian fennesz production & processing
dj olive production & processing, guitar playing turntable, arp, moog, akai sampler, guitar, electronics, turntable, percussion, keyboards, neve eq
written produced engineered and mixed by gregor asch (c)&(p)2008.

Triage was an installation made for the 2008 Whitney Biennial. this is the soundtrack for the triage tent.

i would like to thank karl Francke for the extended use of his arp2600 and sweet clean and warm studio last cold winter at king collision.
i would also like to thank:
whitney museum.
shamim, henriette, diana, kim.
Allison w. for hooking me up with mfta.
arts production fund, casey, doreen, yvonne, kuuipo, mike, nick & his posse.
the 67th st armory, admin staff, cleaning staff & security staff.
bamboo spot on the jersey shore.
harlen for the help building & his van (ooooops! sorry 'bout the windshield!).
vija for sewing heaps and general feedback and good vibes along the way.
thanks dennis del zotto for the feedback over beers that night and for the help striking.
those who helped with the bamboo frame: arron, harlen, dennis, tim
raz and marina for the warm vibes during install.
ignacio "once11" platas for the bamboo encouragement and for coming from Lalaland for the opening.
james for the use of those neve's and all the support and camera work along the way.
carina for design and artwork of all three sleeping pills, Buoy, Seep & Triage.
lawrence beck & the yidder for believing in the "sleeping pill" project.
all the folks who came and saw and listened and, like the security guard, maybe evan fell asleep on one of the cots.

all three sleeping pills are on Brisbane label ROOM40